Production Trainee

What you will enjoy doing

  • Should be able to maintain the machine while running and perform all necessary mechanical adjustments.
  • Proper starting and stopping of machine
  • Performs parison controls
  • Should able to control the material situation in production (regrind level, weight distribution, parison length, flash length etc.)
  • Clean and make necessary adjustments and minor repairs to equipment
  • Follows the production schedule to determine the quality and quantity of materials to be produced
  • Controls material consumption, waste reduction, efficiency and quality of products of machines under his responsibility
  • Should be able to troubleshoot in case of mechanical or process issues and do all necessary mechanical adjustments.
  • Ensures all assigned machines are operating safely, efficiently and reliably, according to recommended operating guidelines
  • Ensures quality product is being produced at all times and quality checks throughout the shift are done
  • Supports the changeover team if required
  • Report any issue that impacts overall performance to his superior
  • Proper reporting of all requested reports (downtimes, efficiency)
  • Following SOPs at any point of time
  • Perform all jobs of Machine setter

What makes you great

  • Experienced in either Toolmaking, mechanic or electric/electronic systems in the plastics industry
  • Knowledge of plastics blow molding or injection molding equipment, processes and control systems.
  • Required are at least three years of hands-on experience in blow or injection molding, setups, troubleshooting and process improvement.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Operation System
  • Basic Toolmaking, Mechanical or Electric/Electronic knowledge
  • Must be able to express ideas by means of the spoken word
  • Must be able to communicate in English language

What you can expect working with us

Working in a challenging environment

Your individual performance will be remunerated and your development will be supported by us

We facilitate a smooth start through individual and well-stablished training program as well as professional guidance and support

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