Coral Blue Cleaning Services

Pest Control Service Specialist / Supervisor

Job Description
– Evaluates pest control situations by inspecting conditions, identifying new infestations and determining causes, analyzing treatment, prevention, pest management, elimination options and how much the cost will reach;
– Organizes plans, provides instructions and prioritizes daily work activities for staff to ensure efficiency and timely completion of tasks;
– Plans and conducts meetings to include: establishing an agenda, prepping materials, writing minutes, etc.; works with the leadership team to define and develop effective field meetings;
– Completes all paperwork and electronic documentation as it relates to Pest Control operations. Maintains staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining staff; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results;
– Inspects buildings and premises for signs of pests or infestation;
– Determines the type of treatment needed to eliminate pests;
– Diagnoses and discusses the scope of pest control service with team and Managers;
– Prepares, monitors and updates the Pest Management Plan;
– Performs pest control measures using integrated management techniques and following the Integrated Pest Management Plan;
– Identifies the proper storage, transportation and disposal of pesticides;
– Performs other duties as may be assigned;