Security Supervisor

Welcome guests and direct them to Reception

To ensure Security of guest luggage left and to ensure that it is safely stored and guest is given a receipt

Accurate knowledge of hotel facilities and services

Know the names, functions and locations of the Management Team

Be aware of daily functions, events, VIP and group arrivals

To ensure that no information regarding guest names, details or room numbers is given to unauthorized persons

Keep entrances clear and clean from litter

Report any accidents (guest or staff)

To be fully aware of the Health & Safety Policy

To be aware of fire and bomb procedures

Take care in work to avoid accidents

To wear correct uniform at all times and maintain standards of appearance, personal hygiene, behavior and discipline

Report suspicious characters or suspect packages

Care when lifting or moving heavy objects

Initiate investigations, write incident and accident reports, monitor investigations to their timely conclusion and ensure appropriate follow-up with guests, visitors and employees, documenting all contacts.

Maintain accurate records while performing basic office duties including, but not limited to, camera monitoring, shift activity log, codebook, and employee and guest binder interaction.


Assist guests and employees with respect to safety, security and hotel operations. Initiate and follow-up all investigations of crimes committed against property and persons.

Assist sick and injured guests and employees, ensuring documentation and disposition of reports.

Assist engineering in checking alarm systems, safety and fire equipment systems and closely monitoring security of building doors, service areas and delivery areas.

Check at the associate entrance (time office) and within the hotel premises if all associates are adhering to the hotel rules & regulations. The rules and regulations are governed per the associate handbook and per the Human resources policies and procedures.

Watch for suspicious persons entering, exiting, or loitering around building

Coordinate, monitor and participate for efficiency safety and security related programs for overall hotel, including lost and found process, auditing of issuance of hotel keys, chemical, CPR, and Fire Preparedness training, evacuation drills, etc.

Compile and distribute departmental reports, such as property loss correspondence. Read incoming correspondence and disseminate pertinent information to staff members.

Patrol hotel property to ensure the safety of guests and employees and to protect all hotel assets. Answer house calls, assist guests and employees safety and security in hotel operations.

To carry out any other duties as required

Primary Location: AE-AE-United Arab Emirates
Work location/ موقع العمل: HOSP – Al Barsha – Dubai, UAE HOSP – Al Barsha – Dubai, UAE HOSP – Al Barsha – Dubai, UAE, , Dubai
Job: Landmark Hospitality Safety and Security
Organization: Hospitality UAE
Schedule label /الجدول الزمني: Regular
Shift: Standard
Job Type: Full-time
Day Job
Job Posting/نشر تسمية الوظيفة: Sep 24, 2020, 5:47:43 AM