About the Role

The in-house team photographer/videographer, as a member of the marketing function will help develop creative assets for use in GEMS marketing and communications campaigns. He/she will be responsible for proactively interpreting each brief to determine how to compose the subject and manage the technical needs of the shoot to deliver visual imagery in support of the campaign. The role requires proficiency in managing still and video shoots in a variety of environments including but not limited to studio shoots, event photography and live action shots as well as expert proficiency in editing both formats. In addition, editing to a professional standard and managing the video and picture library are crucial elements of the position.



Key Accountabilities

  • Work as part of the production team that creates video products, direct multi-camera studio equipment and video switching.
  • Generate and insert onscreen texts and graphics in live productions using cameras, DVR’s, switching equipment and edit controller.
  • Digitally edit videos to a high standard in a timely manner
  • Use audio mixing equipment, tweak the studio lighting and control the studio mikes.
  • Complete post-production work – reviewing footage, eliminate segments not needed, edit using software

Job Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of a broad range of photographic, videography and editing equipment
  • Mastery of digital and analog photography equipment and photography-related computer programs, as well as the ability to develop a unique style
  • To have a strong technical skill with both stills camera and video
  • To be tech savvy; be able to master the full range of the camera with attention to composition, lighting, sharpness etc.
  • To be highly-skilled in Photoshop or equivalent to enhance the image for its intended use
  • To be able to produce high quality images/video
  • Have a good sense of visual composition and perspective
  • To have a creative eye with the ability to translate an artistic vision into a strong image that best reflects the brand message and corporate values.
  • To be able to select the best location to get the best out of the shoot. This requires scouting the location prior to a shoot.
  • Be able to communicate well with the ‘talent’
  • To be able to work to a brief and be able to convey the corporate/school image and values
  • Strong editing skills are required to produce polished video clips to be used throughout various medium to best reflect the brand (advertising materials, websites, leaflets, brochures, etc)


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