Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

Minimum Requirements:

  • A Bachelor Degree focused on Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management (B.Com).
  • Post Graduate qualification in Supply Chain and Logistics will be an advantage.
  • At least 5 to 10 years related work experience in a FMCG warehouse environment.
  • Demonstrated history of working in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.
  • Skilled in negotiations (Unionised environment), management and project management.
  • Experienced and skilled in Warehouse Management (WMS) Systems and Project Planning.
  • WMS implementation.
  • Experienced in Warehouse, Distribution Centre and Transport management.
  • Skilled in Operations Management and Solution Design.
  • Experienced in Labour disputes and resolutions.
  • Procurement experience.
  • Passionate about operational efficiency and customer-oriented solution offerings.
  • Advanced Excel and Microsoft Office skills.
  • Experienced with delivery route planning (Trackmatic/DPS).
  • Strong operations professional focused on continuous improvement.
  • Identify and manage risk.


  • Must be organised, able to prioritise, work long hours and be able to work under pressure.
  • Management and leadership skills.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Teamwork and co-operation.
  • Service quality.
  • Innovation and initiative.
  • Self and team management.