Shift Supervisor

The EMPLOYEE’S Roles and Responsibilities Include but not limited:

· Ensure that mining production targets, schedules and priorities for the teams are safely achieved.

· Plan, organize and control mine activities.

· Ensure that the mine produces at the lowest possible cost while achieving planned targets.

· Ensure Mining teams are informed of priorities and any changes to priorities.

· Maintain safety and environmental systems consistent with business policies

· Regularly tour and inspect the Mine to identify and address any health and safety, environmental, production, equipment, and personnel issues.

· Other related duties to support the team as required

· Manage the operating team

· Engage and lead the mine operating teams in a Zero Harm, open communication, and continuous improvement culture.

· Ensure employees have a clear understanding of work objectives and expectations of performance levels.

· Ensure that direct reports are provided with the training required for their current tasks and future needs.

· Perform all 2.9.2 duty and responsibilities, (Refer to mine 2.9.2 appointment letter).

On a daily basis:

§ MHSA (including all the regulations applicable to their specific work) as amended or replaced from time to time, and to enforce the provisions of the MHSA and regulations

§ Observe and enforce any Codes of Practice, any Instructions, Procedures, Directives, Permissions, Exemptions etc. issued by the Mine, the DMR or any other person who is authorised to do so. Any further clarification regarding the interpretation of the “MHSA” the Regulations, Codes of practice, Instruction, Directives, Permissions and Exemptions etc. will be supplied to you on request by your management.

§ Ensure the maintenance of proper discipline of all persons under your charge, daily on-the-job coaching and on-site training sessions should be conducted and captured in the logbook.

§ Provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without undue risk to the health of employees within your area of responsibility. Make use of the latest Risk Matrix provided in the logbook to assess and eliminate or reduce risks!

§ Ensure that you and the person under your charge is empowered to stop any working place when the Occupational Health and/or Safety of any such persons are endangered or instructed to do so by the person appointed in terms of section 23 of the MHSA.

§ Consider an employee’s training and capability, knowledge and skill in respect of Health and safety before allowing such person to continue with his work or before assigning specific or specialized task to that employee.

§ Provide adequate Health and Safety coaching and on-site training of employees and assess an employee’s competency based upon his knowledge, skills and experience.

§ Enforce the proper use of PPE reprimand employees not adhering to the standards of your mine and records such in the Underground logbook.

§ Ensure proper guarding, barricading and erecting of barriers to safeguard employees as per mine procedures.

§ Record and report contraventions to the “MHSA” Regulations, Code of Practice, Instructions, Permissions, exemption etc. to the appointed Mine Overseer or Manager.

§ Assist in the control over the proper safe operation and running of machinery and equipment in your area of responsibility.

§ Consult with the Safety Representatives in your area and get feedback and input from them on a daily basis and log such inputs.

§ Do measurements required to estimate production outputs and give feedback in your logbook.

§ Inspect and over-inspect checklists in use by your team members, counter sign checklists and record the findings in your logbook.

§ Hold a daily safety meeting with your team and record this in your logbook forward the required feedback to the person concerned (upwards and downwards communication).

§ Update all information on the waiting place notice boards.


  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Word processing skills
  • Spreadsheet preparation and tracking skills
  • Calendaring skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Administrative writing and reporting skills
  • Organizational skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Competent A Certificate
  • 5 Years experience in Mining/ Construction
  • 3 Years Management experience in the industry
  • Computer Literacy, outlook/ Email Etiquette knowledge

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: R18,000.00 – R25,000.00 per month


  • Supervisor/ Foreman in Mining: 3 years (Preferred)