Kitchen Incubator Manager

The V&A Makers Landing Kitchen Incubator Manager is responsible for the tactical implementation and day-to-day operational management of launching and running a successful kitchen incubator.

The KI Manager will be responsible for maintaining a financially sustainable business in partnership with key stakeholders and various other industry experts. To do this, their key responsibilities will include: incubator program development and execution; entrepreneur selection, instruction, coaching and performance management; leadership and culture development; mentoring and expert program administration; key partner communication and relationship building; V&A ecosystem integration; marketing and event collaboration; staff management; collaborating with V&A staff on the necessary reporting and administration involved.

Additionally, they have to craft and model a uniquely inclusive and encouraging culture and will be expected to assist with the development and implementation of the incubator strategy as well as associated KPI’s to ensure the success of the incubation program overall.


The following educational requirements were found to be relevant to this job:

  • Qualification in Business / Project Management is preferred

The following experience requirements were found to be relevant to this job:

  • 5+ Years Relevant Experience in SME development or
  • 5+ years in food retail, food service, or hospitality management

The following job objectives were found to be relevant to this job:

Operational Management

  • Incubator program operational implementation and management
  • Administer LaunchLab and other online incubation modules
  • Instruct and provide on-site training programs (seminars on business plan development, marketing, taxes, financing, etc.) for entrepreneurs to supplement online modules and fill expert gaps within the curriculum
  • Facilitate and coordinate third party curriculum instructors
  • Gather feedback on every session to determine strengths and opportunities and provide recommendations for curriculum and program adjustments

Financial Management

  • Identify and recommend major purchasing decisions and seek board approval for execution
  • Assist management of incubator finances to achieve sustainability and predesignated financial targets
  • Assist in preparing and monitor annual budgets
  • Assist in handling accounts receivable/payable and monitor delinquent payments
  • Participate in review of incubator P&L monthly

Entrepreneur selection, coaching and performance management

  • Assist in defining upcoming cohorts and selecting members
  • Assist entrepreneurs with assignment guidance, technical support, and leadership coaching
  • Communicate program expectations to entrepreneurs and provide necessary support
  • Execute initial assessment of entrepreneurs and develop individualized goals & learning plans
  • Track entrepreneur learning plans and delivery of all requirements
  • Hold entrepreneurs accountable to requirements and provide feedback, coaching or release from program as necessary
  • Manage entrepreneur complaints or disputes

People Management and Development

  • As custodian of the Kitchen Incubator culture, they must craft a unique and encouraging working culture
  • Where relevant, recruit, select, orientate, train, assign, schedule, coach, counsel, and discipline staff
  • Communicate clear job expectations and plan, monitor, appraise, and review performance
  • Overall daily staff management on site
  • Identify/address development gaps in liaison with the Training Manager (upskilling, guiding, empowering, and training of staff, interns etc.)

Program Administration of Mentors / Experts

  • Assist with identifying expert and mentor partners, recruiting and selecting individuals for the programs
  • Tap community and client knowledge/skills for reduced fee or pro-bono services
  • Contribute to the network of professionals that serve as a resource base for clients
  • Coordinate with experts on their role, obligations, scheduling, and payment (where relevant)
  • Train and coach mentors throughout the program, including initial pre-program trainings, monthly check ins and surveys
  • Gather feedback on mentor and expert performance and success of programs throughout and at the end of the programs
  • Address critical feedback on mentor or expert performance in-program if not performing and find suitable alternatives

Stakeholder Management

  • Actively pursue business development opportunities via new partnerships to support the programme
  • Liaise with LaunchLab, Learning Service Management platform and other system providers as necessary to troubleshoot or adapt services
  • Build and maintain strong relationships and consistent communication with project partners and continue to evolve partnership opportunities

Marketing & Events

  • Maintain, adjust, and update marketing materials / channels
  • Identify opportunities for external communication and/or events
  • Collaboratively conceive and execute marketing strategies for incubator and its programs
  • Plan special events/media opportunities

V&A Ecosystem Integration

  • Communicate regularly with V&A and Makers Landing team to address challenges and find opportunities for collaboration and innovation
  • Leverage V&A and ML team for joint purchasing, mentorship, distribution, and other methods of strengthening the V&A ecosystem
  • Uphold the V&A values in the daily operation of the Kitchen Incubator

Reporting and Administration

  • Oversee rental and ad hoc facilities requirements and facilitate payment through platform
  • Proactively manage and coordinate maintenance needs
  • Assist in the preparation and delivery of quarterly and annual reports (financial, occupancy levels, strategy, HR and other)
  • Manage and oversee supplier documents and details

Programe KPI & Strategy Management

  • Perform quarterly review and reporting on KPI progress
  • Assist with the development of programme KPI’s and evolving success metrics