Call Centre Supervisor

1. Resource Management

1.1 Recruitment

1.1.1 Assist call centre lead with recruitment and screening of interviewers via recruitment portal

1.2 Training

1.2.1 Create and share training materials per project, per focus area, per problem area on portals and ZOHO Help Desk to ensure agents are familiar with best practice

1.2.2. Run weekly webinars on above to ensure agents are aware of areas of development

1.2.3 Ensure allocated agents are upskilled, improved or removed

1.3 Morale

1.3.1 Foster a positive and motivated climate amongst staff

1.3.2 Motivating and retaining staff

1.4. HR management

1.4.1 Provide insight on interviewer performance

1.4.2 Submit weekly performance sheets to broader team and call centre lead

1.4.3 Manage day-to-day queries and concerns of agents

1.4.4 Address poor attendance

1.4.5 Ensure agent compliance related to employment contracts

1.5 Internal Liaison

1.5.1 Develop and maintain good working relationship with research staff

1.5.2 Liaise with team on project related issues

1.5.3 Escalate un-resolvable scheduling and other concerns to manager

2. Scheduling

2.1 Host briefing sessions on Zoom and ensure all materials are shared

2.2 Brief staff with QAs

2.3 Manage sample performance

2.4 Give regular feedback to research team and call centre lead on project progress

2.5 Optimization of project scheduling

2.6 Complete own timesheet daily

3. Distance Managing

3.1 Ensure all agents that are working for us an optimal working environment e.g. no background noise, stable internet connection in their area, working headset

3.2 Constant communication with agents on the Jobs portal and ZOHO to share instructions and guidance per agent

4. Operational efficiency

4.1 Assist manager in developing and maintaining call centre performance metrics for a remote force (includes all portals)

4.2 Ensure agent on boarding is appropriate and successful

4.3 Monitoring project labour cost by managing pay per complete rate, CPH and maximize time in study as well as telephony costs

4.4 Agents are maximized on calls per hour, less refusals, maximum working hours and effort as well as completed interviews are sufficient and aligned with agent contracts

4.5 Responsible for monitoring and addressing individual performance

4.6 Ensure compliance with SAMRA and ESOMAR conducts of conduct for interviewing

4.7 Staff have enough information to answer respondents questions assist with on the job training to ensure we have limited unhappy respondents and that the agents are able to convey the questions properly and able to elaborate on key elements when required.

4.8 Project debrief / end of project report after each study

5. Ad-hoc duties

5.1 Performing those duties outside the norm of the position.